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- Residential -

Keeping your family comfortable all year round while keeping your energy bills to a minimum is not always the easiest task. Have Alliance Heating & Air Conditioning help you make the right decision to identify that perfect system to fit all your needs. Call Alliance Heating & Air Conditioning today and start enjoying the benefits of clean air with a new cost efficient system tomorrow.




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*Free Estimates Apply to New and Replacement System Installations Only

Products and Service


  • SERVICE: Alliance provides maintenance and service for residential and commercial heating and cooling units. We keep your units running efficient for maximum usage and energy savings.
  • REPAIRS: Alliance provides air and heating repairs for same and next day. Most repairs can be fixed and up and running again within hours of our arrival.
  • INSTALLATION: Alliance offers new and replacement units for residential and commercial buildings and properties.
Commercial Building


- Commercial -

Managing operating costs and maximizing profitability during these hard economic times means making the most cost effective decisions available. Let Alliance Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. help you to identify the most proficient, comfort ensuring commercial systems available in today’s market that will be the perfect solution for your business.


   20 Point Tune-Up 

  • Check System for proper Refrigerant charge
  • Check Compressor amp draw
  • Check Condenser fan motor amps
  • Check Fan blade
  • Check Contactor points
  • Check Electrical connections
  • Check Circuit board voltage outputs
  • Check all Caps and Valves for seals and fit
  • Check Evaporator coil
  • Check and Clean Condenser coil
  • Check Supply Air temperature
  • Check for Air Leaks at plenum
  • Check Float Switch operation
  • Check Temperature splits
  • Check Time Delay relays
  • Check Capacitors
  • Check Heat Strip amps and circuit componants
  • Check and Flush Drain line for proper drainage
  • Check Filter
  • Check Thermostat for proper operation and settings 

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